Effective January 1st, 2022 changes to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard have enabled British Columbia Condos to capture carbon credits tied to the amount of electricity they deliver to EVs.   This is a game changer for dealing with the cost of installing EV charging infrastructure, particularly for those legacy buildings who don't have EV charging pre-wired.

Mr. Rensing provided a comprehensive overview of the low carbon fuel standard in BC, followed by a detailed explanation of the who what and how of reporting electric vehicle charging for public and strata chargers.


Michael Rensing joined the British Columbia public service in September 2003 to work in the Air Protection Section of the Ministry of Environment.  In November 2007 he moved to the Ministry of Energy and Mines to develop policies and legislation for renewable and low-carbon fuels.  Currently, he is the Director of the Low Carbon Fuels Branch, and is the 2021 recipient of the BC Bioenergy Sector “Champion” Award for outstanding leadership and contribution to the bioenergy sector in BC.  Michael has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

Reference Links on the BC Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Lingo:  Being a "Part 3 Fuel Supplier" for purposes of earning carbon credits from charging EVs through networked "Final Supply Equipment" that accurately measure kWh supplied to electric cars requires that your multi-unit residential building have a minimum of five dwelling units.  Your EV chargers need to meet a minimum standard for reporting accurate electricity amounts delivered.

Website Link - Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Ministry of Enery, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation:

Information Bulletin on reporting requirements for EV Charging electricity

Final Supply Equipment Registration Form (for purposes of the January 18, 2022 presentation ONLY. Check LCFS for current versions)
fse_registration_form (1).xlsx

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