Electric Vehicle Email Campaign

BC Provincial Election
October 24, 2020

When the election was called back in September VEVA and 8 other EV Associations and Owner Groups came together to provide 10 progressive policy recommendations to ensure BC is a leader in EV adoption.  We sent them to each of the main parties on October 1st.

We've been able to follow-up on three of them, comparing their campaign platforms and policy statements made during the election campaign period.  We've made a full analysis here.

Now, to really make a point to the political parties we've set up
everything you need to email the candidates in your home riding.

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Our target is 250 senders to all 87 ridings by Wednesday October 21st!

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8pm Oct 19, 2020

Tell the candidates in your riding about the importance of supporting progressive EV Policies.

We'll get you started on an email. We built a database of main three parties candidates in each riding.  The cc to BCelection@veva.ca will enable us to track activity and update the stats at the top right. 

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Dear Candidates

I am writing to you as a voter and taxpayer in your riding to urge you to ensure that electrification and electric vehicle adoption will remain a priority for the next government.  This will enable British Columbian residents and businesses to share in the economic and environmental benefits of electric vehicles, also known as Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV). 

On October 1st, BC electric vehicle associations representing the interests of 42,000 EV owners across the province submitted a list of ten recommended policies for parties to include in their platforms.  The BC Green Party topped the list by incorporating six of the recommendations into their platform, followed by the BC NDP with three, and the BC Liberals with one.   ( pdf link: https://bit.ly/37m4n2F )

Here’s a summary of some of the key endorsements:

  • 1.      A key recommendation supported by the BC Green Party and the BC Liberal Party addresses the rural-urban gap in EV infrastructure by investing in EV charging stations across the province. The BC NDP program CleanBC already supports this step.
  • 2.      The BC Green party and the BC NDP endorsed a recommendation to rectify the lack of charging facilities in older condos, an issue that is widely seen as a limiting factor in EV adoption. 
  • 3.      The BC Green Party and the BC NDP support increasing the affordability of electric vehicles through steps to ensure that used EV dealers have access to rebates and PST Tax exemption initiatives to make EVs more affordable for lower income British Columbians. 
  • 4.      The lack of availability of desirable models such as pickup trucks and medium and heavy-duty trucks was addressed by the BC Green Party by incorporating ZEV versions of these vehicles into the province’s mandated zero emission schedule that has proven so successful for cars, mainly 10% sales in 2025, 30% in 2030 and 100% by 2040.

Vancouver EV Association President John Stonier emphasized that the recommended policy measures do not require a new government to spend taxpayer money but stand to make a real difference in light of the significant increase in EVs across the province.  “There is a need for government legislated measures to ensure that more British Columbians can switch to zero emissions driving with appropriate EV charging access and infrastructure.”  

For a further comparison of the BC EV Associations’ recommendations and the BC Political Party platforms can be found in this document.  ( pdf link:  https://bit.ly/2HgZvRE )

Thank you for running for office, and I hope you will support these progressive changes for transportation in BC.

Yours truly,

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Thank you for making our collective voices heard by
the candidates that will form the next government!

The following British Columbia EV Association & Owners Groups
contributed to the 10 EV Policy Recommendations: