Why Buy an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

For the Driving Experience

Driving an EV is amazing experience. They are quiet and smooth, and have breathtaking
the acceleration. 
Most EV owners will tell you that driving became fun again when they

got their car.

No More Gas

Powering a car with electricity costs 3–5 times less than with gas. You can save thousands of dollars a year by switching to an EV. Gas prices are rising all the time, but electricity costs are fairly constant.

Then there’s the convenience of not having to go to gas stations. You can plug in car at night at home and wake up in the morning with a full tank. Try that with a gas car!

Easy Maintenance

EVs have a very simple design and require almost no maintenance. There are no oil changes, spark plugs, tune ups, transmission work, etc. They are powered by an electric motor, a technology that has been around for decades and is very reliable. Even the brakes in an EV last longer, because when you slow down, the battery is regenerated resulting in much less braking being required.

No Emissions

Transportation is the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in BC. Cars powered by batteries have zero emissions. This is good for the climate and good for air quality. We are blessed in BC with an abundance of clean electric energy. You can drive an EV guilt-free!

What’s the Catch?

EVs are a very practical alternative to gas-powered cars. They do cost a little more up front, but you get that back in fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Depending on the model you buy, they need to be charged more often than a gas car gets refilled. But that is not a problem for most people since they can charge at home, at work or at one of the many public charging stations.

For more information on all these topics, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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