BC Election 2020: Electric Vehicles Where do the parties stand?

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BC Election 2020: Electric Vehicles
Where do the parties stand?

Vancouver, BC October 15, 2020 – for immediate release
Where do BC’s three main political parties stand on electric vehicle adoption as a factor in economic recovery and the environment?  On October 1st, BC electric vehicle associations representing 42,000 EV owners across the province submitted a list of ten recommended policies for parties to include in their platforms.

The BC Green Party topped the list by incorporating six of the recommendations into their platform, followed by the BC NDP with three, and the BC Liberals with one. 

The proposed measures are meant to ensure electric vehicle adoption will remain a priority for a new government and enable British Columbian residents and businesses to share in the economic and environmental benefits of electric vehicles, also known as Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV). 

A key recommendation endorsed by the BC Green Party addresses the rural-urban gap in EV infrastructure support by ensuring that rural and remote communities have the same kind of access to high speed charging as urban areas.  The Greens promised to “Undertake a comprehensive build out of public charging infrastructure on all highways in the province, particularly in remote and rural BC, to enable EV drivers to travel across BC with ease.”  The Liberals made a broad commitment to “Support investments in more electric vehicle charging stations across BC, working with municipalities and businesses.”  The NDP initiated a network of highspeed charging under CleanBC while in office, but this was not mentioned in their platform.

A second key recommendation endorsed by the BC Green party concerns the lack of charging facilities in older condos, an issue that is widely seen as a limiting factor in EV adoption.  The Greens promised to “Support electric vehicle charging in multi-unit buildings through a variety of tools, including building code changes and establishing ‘right to charge’ rules to facilitate access to home charging infrastructure for British Columbians living in multi-family buildings.”  The NDP environment plank states “We will expand home and workplace charging through increased incentives and ‘right-to- charge’ legislation that gets charging infrastructure into more strata and apartment buildings.” The Liberals’ platform makes no mention of the issue of multi-unit buildings and charging.

Vancouver EV Association President John Stonier emphasized that the recommended policy measures do not require a new government to spend taxpayer money but stand to make a real difference in light of the significant increase in EVs across the province.  “There is a need for government legislated measures to ensure that more British Columbians can switch to zero emissions driving with appropriate EV charging access and infrastructure.”  

For a further comparison of the BC EV Associations’ recommendations and the BC Political Party platforms can be found in this document.


EV Policy Recommendations - BC EV Associations and Owner Groups

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association
Victoria Electric Vehicle Association
Comox Valley Electric Vehicle Association
Sunshine Coast Electric Vehicle Association
Transition Saltspring Island EV Group
Prince George Electric Vehicle Association
Mid Vancouver Island EV Association
Kamloops Electric Vehicle Owners
Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia

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