New Provincial Charging-Station Program All But Fully Committed in One Month

All of a sudden, it seems, everybody wants an electric car.

A new provincial program that pays for three-quarters of the costs of condo and apartment EV charging stations has all but “sold out” within one month of its announcement.

“Many of B.C.’s condo and apartment residents have felt shut out of the EV revolution because they need a place to plug in overnight, and many strata councils have been reluctant to pony up for the costs of a shared charging station,” said JM Toriel, a director of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association.

“The province set up this program to fix that. To us, the overwhelming response is more proof that B.C. residents are keen to kick the gas habit and embrace a clean-driving future.”

On March 23, the Government of British Columbia made available $688,500 to help defray the costs of fast chargers in condos and apartments. The so-called Level 2 chargers covered under the program can replenish a vehicle battery in three to four hours.

The Fraser Basin Council, which administers the program, said on a recent webinar that while the funds were intended to last a year, they were nearly fully allocated within one month of the announcement. The organization expects the program funds will be completely committed by the middle of May.

Hundreds of people recently lined up for hours in Vancouver to put down their deposits on a Tesla 3, which won’t even be available until late 2017. The city ranked in the “top 10” of the car’s North American reservation markets, at number seven, according to Tesla Motors.

“British Columbians clearly want to buy electric cars, but there still isn’t a wide selection of models available at the dealers,” said Toriel. “Manufacturers won’t open the floodgates unless governments put the right policies and incentives in place to encourage them to do so.”

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