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2014-08-162001 Dynasty IT EV City Car
2014-07-26EV Wagon for sale
2014-07-16"Electric Booger" Mazda MX-3 Conversion
2014-06-152011 Blue Nissan Leaf 38,700 kilometers
2014-05-31Import From the U.S.
2014-05-28100% Electric Truck For Sale - Never Buy Gas Again! - PRICE REDUCED! $14,000
2014-05-24EVT 1500 watt scooters for sale
2014-05-06EVT4000e Scooter and parts for sale
2014-03-172006 dynasty it $4999 with new batteries
2014-02-20Brand New 26 x 60AH 3.2V CALB Lifepo4 Lithium Ion Batteries

Detailed Listings

2001 Dynasty IT EV City Car

Dynasty IT Electric Vehicle $1400.00 o.b.o.

72 Volt

Haven't driven it for the last 5 months. Needs new batteries and some minor electrical and body work, (windows and door locks). Great value just for just components: motor, charger, DC to DC converter. I have the complete parts list and all of the wiring diagrams for this car.

Contact: Raoul Taylor (778) 707-9770

EV Wagon for sale

Electric Vehicle For Sale

Ford Escort Station Wagon $5900

Fully licensed in B.C.
Four passengers
Rear seat folds flat for extra cargo space
Front Wheel Drive
Payload: 700 kg
Range: Over 100 km
Top Speed: 110 km/hr
New brake components including master cylinder and braking surfaces.
Special Alloy wheels and low rider tires.
Metallic cherry body paint

Technical Information
Battery Pack ..........New July 2011 Interstate GL2-XHD-UTL6 6Volt Deep Cycle
Traction Motor.........General Electric High torque 23.4 HP
Controller.......... Curtis 1221B Solid State Controller, 72-120 volts; 0 – 400 amperes; 15 KHz operation
Circuit Breaker......... Heinemann
Battery Pack Charger.... Goldsource 0-230 volts AC;
50/60 Hz; 0-20 amps
12 volt battery Chargers. Twin solar panels and Iota DLS 30 500 watt/30amps
System Meter......... Digital back lit LCD indicates battery state, and remaining charge ampere hours available, (fuel gauge) voltage of battery pack, power output in watts, trip distance and net ampere hours from battery.
Cabin Heater...........EMC Electric

Vehicle History and Fun Facts

  • Professionally converted by Solar Electric Engineering in California
  • This car was owned by Erik Nielsen, a Canadian Minister of Public Works.
  • He was also a Principal of Solar Electric who converted the vehicle.
  • One of his brothers was Leslie Nielsen, the actor.

Call or e-mail Bob at:

  • Home: 604-987-0607
  • Cell: 604-987-8787
  • e-mail:

Contact: Bob Milburn-Brown 604-987-0607

"Electric Booger" Mazda MX-3 Conversion

72V commuter car, converted in 2012. Over 3000 km on it since. Has never left me stranded. I won’t lie, the car is a beater, but it works very well. It is driven daily.

Motor: 8″ Baker Series Wound Forklift Motor
Controller: Alltrax 7245 – 72 Volts/450 Amps
Batteries: 12 X 12 Volt 92aH AGM
System Voltage: 72 Volts
Instrumentation: System voltmeter, switchable volt meter for monitoring individual battery banks
Transmission: 5-speed, no clutch
Asking $2400

Contact: James Voth 778-823-7358

2011 Blue Nissan Leaf 38,700 kilometers

This car is in mint condition. $23,500 firm.

I can`t figure our how to post pictures so call me and I will email them to you.



Contact: George Madi 604-929-5295

Import From the U.S.

You will save thousands by buying a car in the States. I just bought a 2011 Leaf with 30,000 kilometers from Washington for $15,000 US. You can’t get deals like that in Vancouver.

If you are thinking of buying in the States but don’t want the hassle of figuring out what to do then give me a call and I will help you out. I will give you free advice and I can even do it all for you and drive the car up to Vancouver for a fee of $1500.


Contact: George Madi 604-929-5295

100% Electric Truck For Sale - Never Buy Gas Again! - PRICE REDUCED! $14,000

100% Electric 2001 Chevy S10 Pickup for sale

  • all gasoline parts have been removed
  • electric conversion kit has been installed
  • lithium ion batteries (The batteries alone are worth $15,000, purchased in December 2010)
  • truck purchase for $8,000 before conversion
  • conversion including kit cost $20,000
  • another $5,000 spent in tweaks and modifications
  • 100 km range
  • Full highway speeds
  • Plug it into any household outlet
  • Charge it overnight
  • Uses about $18.00/month in electricity (gas is currently $1.50/litre)
  • Comes with a canopy and 2 bike racks
  • The truck is in very good condition
  • Being sold “AS IS”
  • Great for running around town
  • I`m saving up for a Tesla
  • Serious offers only

The first $14,000 takes it!
See my craigslist ad:
Dropbox pictures:

Contact: Craig Lindgaard 604-277-1307

EVT 1500 watt scooters for sale


This Classic European look E-cycle sets a new direction in exterior design with sleek styling of yesterday, but built with tomorrow`s standards in technology. Not only does this electric motorcycle scooter put out impressive performance levels, it also has the attractive Italian styling that turns heads everywhere it goes!

  • Category: Electric motor-driven cycle
  • Body: Retro
  • Speed: 60kph/40mph
  • Range: up to 40km/up to 24 miles
  • Motor: 1500-watts 48-volt Hub Motor
  • Electric consumption per charge: 2 kW-hr
  • Noise level: nearly silent
  • Emission: none
  • Contaminants: none
  • Charger: 400-watts 7-amps
  • Weight: 280-pounds (based on SLA batteries)
  • Hydraulic Rear Disc, Front Drum Brakes
  • MSRP $3,699.00 plus batteries

Revisiting a classic style of sophistication, this retro model offers fashion with both elegance and functionality. Beneath its deco appearance there is a very sophisticated electric vehicle with a proven record of reliability and versatility.

Dealer over stocked: Price while they last = $1,500.00

Contact: John Frith

EVT4000e Scooter and parts for sale

EVT4000e scooter for sale. Charger built into the bike. Easier for charging on the go. 48 volts system, speeds up to 68 km per hour, two lithium ion slicbox batteries installed. $2500 obo
EV motorcycle or car parts available for sale.
144 volt electric motor
motorzilla controller
Pruis battery
Ninja motorcycle frame


Contact: Stephen Burgess (604) 782-2932

2006 dynasty it $4999 with new batteries

I have a electric car , dynasty it.
I am selling it because I am planning to work in US later.
new price is $20000.
new batteries(cost $2000 and maintenance fee trojant gem) was replaced 5 month ago.

you can hear sounds while driving just like racing car^^(but maximum speed is 50 km)

changed 4 tires as well.
last week, someone broken my door handle so it needs to replace it which costs 6$ in ebay.

I placed in craigslist on $6600 but I decided to reduced so I can sell quickly. also same model same year now selling at 7999 which need to replace battery.

I hope you like it.

Contact: PEACE CHO 6043564017

Brand New 26 x 60AH 3.2V CALB Lifepo4 Lithium Ion Batteries

New 26 x 60AH 3.2V CALB Lifepo4 Lithium Ion Batteries – Never been charged. Paid $2573.46 CDN (including duty and transportation- 5 months ago when the CDN dollar was higher) Asking $2200.00 o.b.o.

Save money on shipping, and taxes/duties. For more information contact Raoul 778-707-9770

Contact: Raoul Taylor 778-707-9770