“Like it?? I love it! Best car I’ve ever owned. Everyone should drive one!”

Sound like you? So why not tell the world?

Emotive Makes it Easy

If you live in the Lower Mainland, it’s easy: just join in one of the events where the public can interact with EV owners. Last year, to increase public awareness and the profile of electric cars and their infrastructure, the Fraser Basin Council (along with the province, BC Hydro, Metro Vancouver, and other stakeholders) launched an EV public outreach campaign called Emotive, the Electric Vehicle Experience.

Emotive will be attending a series of local events this summer (see list below) and is looking for a pool of EV owners to help them spread the word about electric cars.

What’s it Like?

I’ve participated in many such events in the past and they are always well organized, well attended and lots of fun. The questions you get from the public are not hard to answer: How do you like it? How far can you go? Where do you charge? Etc. The look on people’s faces as they realize that EVs are not just a practical option, but an excellent alternative, is priceless.

What Next?

There’s a list of the events here. Click on the title of any event to learn more and to find out how to let Emotive know that you’d like to get involved.