evreportcard_socialmedia_emissionsA comprehensive new report on electric vehicle (EV) policies across Canada gives out grades and concludes that no province deserves an “A”.  To get the top grade, there would need to be policies in place (or announced) that would result in enough EV sales by 2040 to achieve greenhouse gas emission targets.

British Columbia gets a “C-” rating.

That wake-up call is needed, but the real value of the report is that it provides a roadmap for improvement. Various options are quantified based on both academic research and empirical studies, and this gives policymakers an evidence-based framework for making choices.

The Report Card concludes that “the most effective policies include a Zero Emission Vehicle mandate (like in California and Quebec), strong and long-duration financial incentives (like in Norway and Ontario), and strong taxation on gasoline or carbon pricing.”

BC’s Climate Leadership Plan hinted at future expanded support for EVs, but notably absent was any mention of a Zero Emission Vehicle mandate, despite that being the most impactful according to the Report Card.

Prepared by Simon Fraser University’s Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team (START), the report can be downloaded here. It is a must-read for anyone who cares about EV adoption and the policies needed to make that happen.