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Roundup: ~ 7pm in the parking lot. Show off your transport. Take a member for a drive, a ride or a scoot.

~7:45pm – 9pm Meeting, Dream sharing, Question & Answer Session:

Meeting Agenda
* Round Table Introductions
* VEVA Islands Tool Library. Draft, Discussion & Member Vote
* BC Utility Commission request for user rate feedback
* Electric Transport News and Events

Onsite Free Charging Available
2 x Level 2 (J1772) in North area parking lot. Activated with any Paypass enabled Credit or Debit Card
2 x Level 1 @ 15A One in North parking area, One in South Parking area. (Bring at least 50ft of Extension Cord)
2 x Level 1 120V @ 15A Duplex in Bike Parking area

Members and Guests welcome.