Projects for VEVA in May and June.

  • 05/01/2022 6:07 PM
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    First, I want to aplaude whoever chose the pop-up location for our meeting on April 30. Robin and I would love to meet there again; it's  outside, there's plenty of parking, and the pizza and coffee are cheap. We also know that VEVA members can find it easily!

    If there's no better place chosen for May, we'd be happy to go back there again.

    Here are projects that I'd like to work on with VEVA.

      For our meetups, I will be happy to create two-sided name badges that can be put into inexpensive badgeholders. The easiest way for me to print them is to have a spreadsheet of our members:
      1) first and last name, 2) city, 3) EV owned or desired, 4) any other short comment (20 characters).
      1. For the first meet up, I'll provide badges for everyone who is on the spreadsheet and a printed registration list so the membership chair can tag those who picked up badges and add new members and visitors.
      2. For the next and subsequent meetings, I'll provide an up-to-date registration list and badges for any new members, visitors, and those who picked up badges the last time. It would be great if members would return their badge at the end of the meet up, but they can keep for other meetings and get a new one at the next meet up. It costs almost nothing to print another badge. 
      On June 12, 10am to 5pm, BCIT hosts EVolution '22. It would be great if VEVA members could give rides for attendees to and from BCIT and the two Skytrain stations. Someone should check with the organizer and see if the organizer can put up signs at the Skytrain stations and provide window signs for our drivers (who will also hand out VEVA cards). Unfortunately, I will be hosting the Burnaby Green Party booth and won't be available. NOTE: we could even give rides to others, not just attendees, since the idea is to put butts in seats.
      Speaking of the Burnaby Green Party, I am once again the campaign manager for the municipal Green Party. The election is October 15th. We are starting our Listening Campaign to determine the most important issues for Burnaby voters. Many issues, such as affordable housing. are top level, but sustainable energy is also way up there. Can VEVA members, wherever they live, work with us to set smart sustainable energy policy? We want to be able to provide Green Solutions and you have the best expertise for this. Could we set up one breakout room at our May 3rd Zoom meeting to discuss this with our candidates?

    Thanks, Wally

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