Quasar Wallbox & Vehicle to Grid

  • 03/30/2020 12:04 PM
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    Unfortunately I wasn't able to join last Saturday's Zoom meetup event. But note that the YouTube video link for the Quasar Wallbox was posted, so assume that there might have been some discussion regarding both DC fast charging at the "home" level, and "Vehicle to Grid" or vehicle to home applications. 

    Of course the Wallbox is a really interesting product development (and not the only one). But there are some important caveats:

    1. The product actually needs to get launched to the market. Clearly even if it is limited to charging capability, it would be an interesting product. However, implicit for using it to bring power back to the host electrical system.... it will need to be blessed by the vehicle manufacturers that purchasers are using. That might take some time to happen.... if at all.... but likely would be more forthcoming if mandated by government that such functionality be required. But then a higher priority for such matters might simply being to address a required standard for DC fast charging connectors...

    2. EV battery power back flow from EV to host electrical system needs to follow electrical code requirements. Which would be the domain of current provisions related to on site energy generation devices.... from solar to backup generators. This is not part of how the basic electrical systems for residences for example, are configured. Firstly, some kind of transfer switch is needed to keep power flowing back to the grid during power outages. And if the desire is to get credited for energy back flow to the grid, then one needs to be part of the "net-metering" program.

    This is all familiar territory for sites where solar PV or battery storage systems (such as the Tesla Powerwall) are installed. My point here is that the Wallbox product looks very exciting.... but I'm skeptical that we will be seeing it available here anytime soon. In the meantime conventional L2 chargers work just fine. And if you are interested in the functionality promised by the Quasar Wallbox, then you might want to be planning for things like solar PV and battery storage systems that are available now. Further, consider an L2 charger such as the FLO X5.... which is a product that can be grid managed... in fact BC Hydro is rolling out a pilot program currently involving this product.

  • 03/31/2020 5:49 AM
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    John S

    Donovan - you are in luck! 

    We posted this in advance for the April 4th Saturday Meetup ONLINE so people can view the materials, think about this, and it will be the subject of one of the breakout room discussions.

    Tune in to join in at 11am Pacific Time this Saturday!