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  • 04/08/2020 4:59 AM
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    John Stonier (Administrator)

    Interesting to note that effective February 1st, 2020 a $2,000 incentive to scrap old gasoline or diesel cars and purchase a used EV is available to residents of Ontario. 

    This is a top up to a program launched in April 2020 that offered $1,000 and was utilized by about 300 used EV purchasers to the end of January 2020.  The other interesting note is that this top up is funded privately.

    [In British Columbia, a similar Scrap-It program exists that is run by the New Car Dealer Association for both New Cars ($6,000) and used cars ($3,000).  These are limited funds, first come, first served.  BC Scrap-it.]

    A news release on the Ontario Program can be found here.

    To qualify for the ONTARIO incentive, drivers must:

    1. Apply to the Used EV Incentive program by attending a Used EV seminar, taking an EV test drive and purchasing a used fully electric or plug-in hybrid electric car; and

    2. Scrap an old gasoline or diesel-powered car that, at the time of scrapping, is operable and was insured in Ontario for at least the previous six months.

    “I think the Used EV Incentive is an amazing program that has a ripple effect,” said Chere Schwindt from Waterloo, who is a Used EV Incentive program recipient. “It really inspired me to buy an EV sooner rather than later. Now that I’m an EV Owner, so many people ask me about my car and I’m spreading the word.”

    The Scrappage Incentive program is delivered through a partnership between Plug’n Drive and the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC).  ARC’s vehicle retirement program ensures the vehicles are responsibly recycled and the VIN retired.

     “We are pleased to support a program that takes old gas cars off the road in an environmentally responsible manner,” says Steve Fletcher, Executive Director of ARC.  “Our members must meet a high standard for processing and recycling of vehicles in order to remain part of our association.”

    Each of these incentives are the first of their kind in Ontario and funded privately.  Both programs are in collaboration with Clean Air Partnership and made possible thanks to the support of the M. H. Brigham Foundation.

  • 04/13/2020 11:40 PM
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    I have wondered how do these private programs operate?

    They somehow take a gas guzzler.. crush it, and take the "green" carbon credits a new EV magically create and sell them to heavy polluters as offsets on their emissions, against some sort of ceiling cap on emissions?

    Who makes the carbon currency? How is it. calculated? How much does it cost? 

    It's so intriguing... and if one is an environmentalist, is this a good thing or bad thing? 

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