For Sale - 1986 Converted E Nissan Micra

  • 10/04/2021 11:23 AM
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm hoping to find someone who will be willing to take over a project my ex and I took on that I don't have the capacity for anymore. It is a 1986 converted Nissan Micra.

    As you can see, it is a non-traditional body that was built by the 1st owner, a professional mechanic. It was then fully converted to an electric car by a UBC electrical engineer (then passed onto me).

    I have every single piece of documentation, including all parts, test drives, correspondence, etc. for the entirety of the car's life. It has been such a joy to work/learn on and I really want to sell it to someone who will appreciate its uniqueness.
    This is NOT a car that will go fast or far, it is a project vehicle that is perfect for scooting around the city. Range on a full charge is about 50km and maximum speed on a full charge is about 75 km/hr. If you'd be interested in upgrading to lithium, it would be a joy to speed around in.
    Important specs:
    12 6 Volt, 235 Ah, Dual Terminal Crown Commercial Deep Cycle Marine Batteries (worth $2000)
    1 12 Volt Auxiliary Battery
    2 BLS-72N Battery Life Saver Devices
    TBS Electronics Expert Pro - Fully Programable State Of Charge Battery Monitor
    Sevcon 300 W DC/DC Converter
    Delta-Q 1 kW Industrial Battery Charger (purchased June 2019)
    Alltrax 650 Ampt Series Motor Controller
    D&D ES-15-6 48V, 72V DC 62 Lbs EV DC Motor (9HP @ 72V continuous rated, 30 HP Peak with 450 Amp Controller)

    Asking $1500 OBO, but more interested in passing it onto someone who will appreciate it :)

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