For Sale - Converted '87 Dodge Dakota

  • 08/22/2023 6:25 PM
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    Putting out feelers to see if anyone is interested in inheriting this project that is 95% complete.

    I've got a 1987 Dodge Dakota that was originally converted in 2002 by Canadian Electric Vehicle. Sat for a couple years and then I picked it up a couple years ago and replaced the LA batts w/ lithium and started refurbishing the rest of it.

    Unfortunately, I was bed ridden all last year due to Long Covid, and now am trying to catch up on life (and debts), so I don't have much time or money to complete this project and need to cut my losses (not least of which is the garage I am renting for this thing). It pains me to say because it is 95% there.

    Too much has been done to list, but I can list the components:
    Battery: 24KW Lithium batteries from a '13 Leaf; 85% SOH, all balanced; busbars; chill plates for cooling system;
    Motor: Warp 9 motor, never used; I stripped the rusty paint and refinished it; brushes are good; new air blower kit installed;
    BMS/Charger: Manzanita PFC-30 w/ MK3x8 reg decks; J1772 charge receptacle and reg. 120VAC wall receptacle for slow charging;
    New tires; new aux battery;
    Brakes: iBooster from 2019 Honda CRV; also comes w/ orig. vacuum brake system (vac pump, canister), if that is prefered;
    DC-DC converter IOTA DLS-55;
    Added a "frunk" where the former battery box was under the hood

    What's left to be done:
    • brakes: new drum brakes need to be installed (parts included); some minor line work needed
    • replace windshield
    • replace headliner (sagging, optional)
    • busbars & reg decks need to be installed (I can do this if preferred)

    Honestly, if I had the time or money, this could be done in 1-2 months, but I'm pretty behind on both of those resources now due to last year's illness.
    Would prefer to sell all together and I'm open to reasonable offers.

    Please, only serious inquiries.

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