Member Spotlight


New member,  2020

When my husband died, I didn’t think I’d be able to purchase an EV.  I speak four languages; I don’t speak EV.  I got into my first EV when I attended my first meeting with the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association ( and the members put me into three different EV’s.  I asked questions, I attended local and national webinars, I asked members what they liked and didn’t like about their EV’s and I kept notes on major upgrades.

VEVA gave me sales contacts at each of the dealerships, test drove cars with me, sent me links to cars, coached me in negotiating the out-the-door car price, and guided me through the Scrap-It Rebate Program in BC.  Three members came out when my 2002 Honda Civic sedan was towed to the scrapyard. One member even picked me up and drove me over and then, took me to the insurance broker because I didn’t have the original documents for the car.  Whoo-hoo!

I traded in a 2008 Honda Fit for $4,000 and got a $3,000 rebate for my 2002 Honda Civic for a combined savings of $7,000. I purchased an immaculate pre-owned 2016 Kia soul EV with 37,000 km for such a competitive price that the dealership requested that I not disclose what I paid for it.  I now speak EV: I know what a heat pump is and I know where it is.

Thank you VEVA for empowering me to purchase the right EV for ME! 


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