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VEVA has been advocating progressive electric vehicle policy since inception.  It is part of our constitution.  Our Government Relations Committee is active in various ways, participating in regulatory hearings and other forums that give us insights that we want to pass on to the general public, other EV Associations, and government regulators every where. 

We're spreading the word on what makes good EV policy.

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British Columbia leads the way on progressive By-laws supporting EV Charging

BC Cities with bylaws for mandatory parking stall pre-wiring for EV charging in new developments.

There are 15 cities with a 100% 'energized' requirement representing 50% of the population of BC. (Note that the City of North Vancouver's bylaw states 20 % wired at time of commissioning, with capacity for the remaining 80% of parking stalls.)

Table 1: List of BC municipalities with EV-ready requirements for NEW multi-unit residential buildings  (MURBs) 


Residential Requirement  

Policy type  

City of Burnaby 

100% energized

Zoning bylaw 13903, No 24

District of Central Saanich

100% energized

Bylaw 2061, 2020

City of Coquitlam 

100% dwelling units energized 

Zoning bylaw 4897 

City of Port Coquitlam 

100% “roughed in”

Zoning bylaw 3630, No. 4035 

Township of Langley

100% energized

Zoning Bylaw 2500

City of New Westminster 

100% energized

Zoning bylaw amendment 8040 

City of Maple Ridge

100% “roughed in”

Zoning Bylaw 4350 - 1990

City of Port Moody

100% energized

Zoning Bylaw 2937

City of Richmond 

100% energized 

Zoning bylaw 8500 

District of Saanich

100% dwelling units energized

Zoning Bylaw 9627 and 9644

City of Surrey

100% energized

Zoning Bylaw 12000

City of Vancouver 

100% energized

Building bylaw 10908 

City of North Vancouver 

100% energized

Zoning Bylaw 1995 No 6700

District of West Vancouver

100% energized

Bylaw 4662, 2010, Bylaw 5055

City of Victoria

100% energized

Bylaw 20-075


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