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The Silent Gardener Ltd.

Sheldon Ridout



Facebook:    @thesilentgardener

Balsam Electric Ltd

Balsam Electric is a full service charging solutions provider. We design, build and maintain Level 2 and DCFC stations for multi-unit residential buildings and private business. As specialists in the EV industry, we help our clients pursue and maximize their rebate potential. We are also a local distributor for EvoCharge. 

-EV Ready Plans

-Stand Alone Charger Rebates

-Workplace Charger Rebates

-Local Load Management Solutions

-Product Recommendations

-Service Upgrades



      Facebook:   @balsamelectricltd

       Instagram:   @balsamelectric

Electric Advantage Systems Inc.

Independent consulting for British Columbia  strata condo and rental building EV charging  retrofit projects:  planning, obtaining approval from owners at AGM/SGM, grant maximization, cost recovery and  carbon credit administration.


Twitter:  @ElectricAdvan



Xerowaste Solutions

V-move load movers: 15 highly capable walk-along battery-powered load movers and tow tractors that can move up to 1 million pounds. Move waste bins, semi-trailers, boat trailers, train cars, vehicles, etc.


Phone:  1-844-674-8414


Cielo EV Charging Systems

We design and install Electric Vehicle Charging Systems that support the CleanBC plan, making clean transportation simple, affordable and   accessible for British Columbians.

  • EV Ready Plans
  • Building Reviews
  • Online Strata Council, AGM, SGM Information Seminars
  • Project Consulting Services



      Facebook:   @Cieloelectric

      LinkedIn:       Sukhdeep Gill

  • Charging System Configuration
  • Electric Vehicle Charging System Installation
  • Wireless and LAN Network System Setup
  • Energy Audits and Lighting Retrofits


EV Charging Infrastructure Software Solutions for the following applications: 

-Fleet Management

-Smart Charging and Demand

Response for Utility Programs

-MURB Applications

-Other custom development


Email: Info@Foresta.Energy

Person: Foued Barouni

Phone : 418-254-2311.

Consulting Services: industry regulation, smart charging program design, technology assessment and roadmap, education and training.

VEVA Business Members

We encourage EV related businesses to become Business Members of VEVA to promote the EV community and become an active part of our organization  accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in all sectors.  You can contribute in every way that individual members can, including participating on our government relations committee where we  pursue policy development and monitor developments related to EVs here in BC and across Canada.

Membership is based on an annual calendar year.  2022 is our first year of business memberships, any business subscribing for membership in 2022 will have their membership expire on December 31, 2023.  Business membership entitles a single vote at our AGM and you must uphold the principles of our constitution, and abide by our by-laws.  Annual business membership is $250 + GST.  To sign up click here.

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