Most EV owners are familiar with the benefits their vehicles have for the climate, air quality, and energy efficiency. But they may be surprised to learn that they are good for the economy too.

A recently released report looks at the Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) sector in BC and finds that it directly employs 3,850 full-time workers and generates $702M of direct economic activity. The indirect benefits are even greater.

The report assesses BC’s strengths and weaknesses in this sector and makes a number of strategic recommendations, including

  1. Re-establish BC’s leadership in climate change and develop an integrated and comprehensive roadmap for the province that considers energy, climate, and economic development goals and objectives.
  2. Continue to support CEV adoption and infrastructure deployment.
  3. Design and implement a provincial procurement policy that is supportive of CEVs.

Recommended reading for anyone who wants to round out their knowledge of the impact that CEVs can have now and in the future.