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        VEVA members at Fully Charged Live talk about the century old Detroit Electric and the history of EVs:

Sandy Munro LIVE @ Fully Charged Live Vancouver interviews Bruce Stout about VEVA's Detroit Electric 

and joins VEVA for TWO years!

Haakon MacCallum, the Detroit Electric and VEVA members at the FCL 

EV associations getting together at Mahony’s during Fully Charge Live event.

EV Ready will get your legacy condo wired for electric car recharging!
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The UK is delaying the switch to electric cars. Automakers are furious!

Ford, Honda and BMW creating a new vehicle to grid company to make it easier

for utilities and car owners to do vehicle to grid power.

How can I find chargers for my EV?

We have a list of apps and maps for charging your EV on the go.

Members shake hands with the future!

Tesla park royal store West Vancouver 

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