Are you thinking about converting your ICE car to electric?  In certain circumstances, it makes sense.  In others, not.

If you have a classic car, or a utility or special vehicle that simply isn't available anymore, and you'd like to enable it to reliably continue into the future, emission free, maintenance free, and not as an automotive pariah -- an EV conversion may be the right thing to do.

Cars newer than the 1990's are typically harder to convert and fully integrate their advanced, and often proprietary systems.  Older cars are the best candidates for conversion where you don't have to deal with CANbus, antilock brakes, and other advanced systems.

Conversion just for avoiding gas costs and emissions, may not be economical.  Most passenger car conversions will cost a minimum of $30,000 in parts alone, and, if you are not an EV conversion specialist, you need to consider the many hours of time, and the potential for costly mistakes, or injury that can occur when dealing with high voltage electricity.  

We recommend that you have a professional do your conversions. 

1999 Porsche Boxster EV conversion by John Stonier     Photo: JStonier

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John Stonier (VEVA member, director)

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