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EVS Survey of Federal Party Platforms

The EV Society of Canada conducted a non-partisan survey in August of federal party support for policies in 5 strategic areas relating to electric vehicle adoption in Canada:

  • EV adoption and Greenhouse gas reduction
  • EV industry leadership
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Affordability and accessibility of EVs
  • Education

The survey was sent on August 19, 2021 to each party that sat in Parliament this year, including the Bloc Québécois, Conservative, Green, Liberal and NDP parties. Responses were received from the Conservative and Liberal parties, but not from the Green and NDP parties, despite follow-ups. The Bloc did not reply. In all cases, in addition to the responses, the team compiled information using the parties’ election platforms to determine their commitments regarding electric vehicle policies in each of the 5 areas (above).

Two reports of the findings were published on September 12, 2021, and are available on the web:

Survey Highlights

Platform Comparison 

Grading the Federal Party Platforms
EV Society National Opinion Poll of Canadian EV Association Leaders

In a national opinion poll conducted by EV Society September 13-16, 2021, 23 EV Association leaders across Canada graded the federal parties’ election platforms. Association leaders were asked to review EV Society’s survey reports (above) on the 5 key areas in each federal party’s election platform. In each case, they were asked to consider the amount of money committed, timeliness, appropriateness of the commitment, and effectiveness. A report of the results was published September 17, 2021, and is available on the web.

download the report

Electric Autonomy Article

“As federal election nears, survey compares party platforms on EV adoption policies,” September 14, 2021. Author: Emma Jarratt

Electric Autonomy published a story about the EVS survey and findings. The story includes information from interviews with Kelsey Lane, EVS and Bob Sparks, VEVA.

Electric Autonomy article 

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