VEVA Media Release 2019: The year of Electric Vehicles in BC

12/31/2019 12:00 AM | Admin1 (JS) (Administrator)

Vancouver, BC December 31, 2019 – for immediate release

Analysis released today by the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) confirms that 2019 was a year of records for electric vehicles (EV) in British Columbia. Among the milestones:

·         2019 marks a full decade that modern electric production cars were available to BC consumers.

·         The number of electric cars in use in BC more than doubled in the last 12 months, reflecting the highest adoption rates in the country, and highest on the continent.

·         Public EV charging networks continue to grow, and programs for residential condo and workplace EV charging were formalized through BC Hydro.

·         Electrification of other transportation beginning to take hold. 2019 witnessed the first electric seaplane trial in BC, and BC Ferries first two Island Class electric ferries are en-route for delivery in early 2020.

·         Operating an electric car has distinct energy saving and carbon footprint advantages. VEVA quantifies them for British Columbians for 2019.

 “Range anxiety is no longer a factor for most consumers” said Ron Burton, President of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA).  “The requirement now is for auto manufacturers to commence building pick-ups and larger trucks to fill the needs that cars don’t meet.”

Spokesperson John Stonier said “the success and spread of electric transportation in just 10 years shows the potential for BC to be a leader in fighting climate change while at the same time making our economy more efficient and productive.”

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Background data and images attached:

·         Electric Vehicles set adoption records for BC in 2019

·         Addressing supply shortages for EVs in British Columbia

·         Environmental and economic benefits of EVs

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