SOLD - 2013 Tesla Model S RWD

  • 06/10/2021 6:57 PM
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    SOLD 2013 Tesla Model S 85 RWD

    This post was deleted but it did not get removed from the Buy & Sell listing.

    Excellent Condition

    Single Motor RWD

    85 kWh Battery (at 100% SOC - rated range 375 Km, ideal range 425 Km) 

    112,700 Km  (average 14,088 Km/year)

    Red Multi-Coat Paint, Tan Leather Interior

    Free SuperCharging for Life

    Panoramic Opening Sunroof

    Powered Trunk Hatch

    Variable Air Suspension

    ABS Disc Brakes and Many Air Bags

    2 Levels of Re-Generative Braking

    Large Trunk and Large Frunk (no motor up front)

    Split Folding Rear Seats

    17” Touch Screen Display/Media Control Unit (MCU) 

    Premium Audio System - AM, FM, Internet Radio 

    USB Multiple Music File Formats

    Rear View Camera

    Full Climate Control

    Garage Door HomeLink Enabled

    Intermittent Wipers

    Side Mirrors - Tilt During Backup

    Visor Mirrors

    Anti-Theft Alarm

    Power Front Seats 

    Power Windows

    Cruise Control

    Free Premium Connectivity - LTE Cellular Internet 

    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

    Garmin and Google Maps Navigation Systems

    Over The Air Software Updating via Wi-Fi and Cellular

    Smartphone App for Mobile Control and Tracking

    Keyless Entry

    Traction Control

    Heated Front Seats

    Snow Tires on 19” Tesla Alloy Wheels - 5/32 front, 10/32 rear

    Four 21” Tesla Alloy Wheels (no tires)

    Mobile Charge Connector and Cable With NEMA 14-50 Adapter

    BlackVue Front and Rear Dash Cam

    Interior Floor Mats, Trunk and Frunk Mats

    Trunk Tray Cover/Parcel Shelf


    Current advertised prices for 2013 Model S 85 kWh:

    $36,999 165,762 Km Quebec

    $37,750 143,841 Km Edmonton         

    $38,000 228,000 Km Quebec

    $38,995 76,000 Km Quebec

    $40,000 199,019 Km Quebec

    $43,900 135,010 Km Toronto

    $44,800 85,551 Km Richmond

    $44,888 118,000 Km Quebec

    $45,799 65,878 Km Vancouver

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